The Spackl team specializes in offering training and services to rural communities’ entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Workshops for Organizations and Digital Centers

Elevate your organization’s content strategy with our AI workshop tailored for businesses, nonprofits, and community innovation centers.

Explore the power of AI-generated written, image, and video content, and unlock new avenues for creativity and engagement. Join us to discover how AI can drive meaningful results and amplify your brand’s message in the digital age.

Tailored workshop customization available to meet your organizations unique needs.

All workshops include workbooks and 30 minute consult for each attendee in person, by video, or phone.

Business Setup

  • Don’t Skimp on Your Brand – Uncover Your Company’s Beliefs, Purpose, Vision, Values and Personality
  • Google Business – Google Really is That Important 
  • You Need a Website – What to Know / Should You Outsource or Do it Yourself

Social Media

  • Social Media Marketing for Small/Rural Businesses – Day 1
  • Social Media Set-up – Get Your Business Digital Ready
  • Facebook for Small/Rural Business – Making Facebook and Make It Work for Your Business NOW
  • Instagram for Your Business – Sell Your Brand on Instagram
  • TikTok for Your Business – Everyone is Doing It 
  • YouTube – Launch Your Own Channel 


  • Creating Content – Optimize Your Workload 
  • Canva 1 – How to Use Canva (functionality)
  • Canva 2 – Creating Content for Your Brand


  • Build – Manage Your Website E-Commerce Build Efficiently 
  • E-Commerce for Small/Rural Businesses – Day 1
  • Third Party E – Commerces for Small/Rural Businesses – Expand Your Business
  • Marketplace – Marketplace is Best for Your Business
  • Etsy – All You Need to Know to Get Started
  • Dropshipping –  Making Money Without Inventory
  • Amazon FBA – How to Sell on Amazon 

Nonprofits Organizations

Our team is passionate about helping get your organizations message to the community in an effective manner. 

Our services provided:

  • A cost-effective way to raise brand awareness and build relationships with supporters and target audience increased participation 
  • More donations by providing a platform to share inspiring success stories and encourage potential donors to support the cause
  • Help with recruitment, volunteer efforts, and engagement from members of the local community
  • Promotion of events, both online and offline, allowing more people to be informed about what the organization is up to
  • Improve customer service and engagement by allowing individuals to easily get in touch with the organization, ensuring their maximum satisfaction

Spackl offers 15% off services for nonprofits.

Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Spackl offers a range of services that can help entrepreneurs and businesses maximize their presence online. 

Our services provided:

• Development or improve brand awareness and social media presence
• Increase social media and website traffic
• Growing a following through targeted social media campaigns
• Enhance company reputation
• Design creative content to enhance customer experience
• Engage customers on relevant platforms
• Monitor social media activity and respond to comments or queries
• Leverage influencer marketing to reach target market
• Track metrics from campaigns to gauge progress and produce reports
• Suggest ideas for content and brand messaging
• Offer social media training for in-house staff